Our business relies on building firm and productive relationships with our clients, without you we would not exist. As our company profile says:

“If you were Virgin Atlantic, BT or any other large company you would have an internal IT department to maintain your IT infrastructure. However for a small or medium sized business this cost is prohibitive. We will act as your internal IT department and support you from installation through to regular maintenance at a fraction of the cost.”

Our aim is to provide you with a service that you would expect from in-house colleagues on a first name basis. You will therefore be provided with a Client Administrative Services Manager and a dedicated Engineer Consultant.

Client Administrative Services Manager

The CASM is responsible for managing your account and re-enforcing the relationship that your Engineer Consultant builds with you. It is their responsibility to ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with every facet of the service JMR provide to you at all times. They are responsibly for all administrative areas such as monthly reports, invoices, documentation and ensuring that your Engineer contacts you when requested.

Engineer Consultant

A dedicated engineer consultant will be allocated to you as soon as you require support, be it via the help desk, remotely, or an on-site visit. It is their responsibility to ensure that you receive the best service, technological advice and guidance that JMR can provide. They are also responsible in helping you to identify your needs with regards to ongoing improvements to your systems.