Network Analysis  
• Undertake full analysis of the exisiting infrastructure
• Identify the network capacity requirements
   based on number of users and system requirements
• Assess the most appropriate network for the client
• Identify any need for expansion to the network in the future
Hardware and Software Installation  
• Install network hardware such as: servers, routers,
   hubs,bridges, switches, etc.
• Install appropriate storage systems
• Implement suitable remote networking
• Install appropriate data protection systems
• Use suitable storage racks to hold network hardware
• Install/migrate relevant software
• Install appropriate network security
• Install network services
User Administration  
• Administer authorised access ID’s for new and exisiting
• Set end-user rights
• Set security restrictions and network access for users
• Maintain domain controllers
• Limit desktop administration
Network Maintenance  
• Install network software upgrades
• Install operating system upgrades
• Update service patches and service packs
• Resolve server crashes